Evaluation objects: What do we evaluate?

We offer the evaluation of the following objects:

  • structures - e.g. institutions, their quality management system, their steering and strategy approach with a focus on educational and scientific institutions
  • Processes - e.g. procedures in educational and scientific institutions, their effectiveness in teaching and studies, research and administration
  • Educational offers - e.g. courses of studies, modules and training courses in further education
  • Projects and funding programs related to education and science

Customized evaluations (type 2) can be considered for each of the items described.

Type 1 evaluations according to the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) are only eligible for academic programs and institutional evaluations of higher education institutions, since ESGs refer to the quality of higher education.

The clarification of what exactly should be considered in an evaluation and from which perspective is the first item which we will discuss with you.