Within the scope of quality development, we offer external quality assurance procedures as well as consulting services and participation in third-party funded projects.

Consulting services

Together with external experts, the full-time staff of ASIIN provides consulting services

  • for organizational and quality development in educational institutions, on their study programs as well as processes and structures as a framework for good teaching and successful learning
  • for strategy development in educational and research institutions.
  • for quality management in educational and research institutions.
  • for the management of projects in educational and research institutions.
  • for the conception and implementation of internal and external quality assurance, all in all of certification and accreditation systems in education and science.
  • for the analysis of trends and challenges for the education and science sector and their effects on individual organizations, on quality criteria as well as certification and accreditation systems.

Our services are tailored to the individual needs of each project: Before starting an activity, we clarify with you as the client the goal and purpose, subject, participants, duration, type and scope of the support you can expect from us. On this basis, we will prepare a non-binding offer that is tailored to your exact needs. Feel free to contact us, we look forward to your inquiry!

In order to avoid bias, ASIIN generally does not carry out accreditations or certifications of objects in the development of which it has previously acted in an advisory capacity.


On the following pages you can find additional information regarding past and current projects in which ASIIN is involved in a consulting capacity.