Completed Projects – Examples and References

Here are some examples and references for completed ASIIN projects in the two product groups „Consultancy in Quality and Organisational Development“ and „Externally Funded Projects“.

Completed Consultancy Projects in Quality and Organisational Development

Period Client/ Programme Titel Description
2015 University, Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) Mock-Audits (Test-Audits) fort he preparation of auditor visits Evaluation Type 2 (customised)
2015 University, Berlin (Germany) Check Supporting Documents Consulting on the preparation of application documents for a system accreditation procedure
2015 University of Applied Sciences, Bavaria (Germany) Status analysis oft he quality management system Workshop to analyse the quality management system in comparison to external certification criteria
2006-2015 DAAD, Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies (DIES) Quality Assurance Training Workshops on benchmarks, capacity building trainings on external quality assurance in higher education
2013-2014 DG Enterprise and Industry Guidelines and quality labels for new curricula for e-leadership skills in Europe Development of instruments (including quality criteria, quality seal and curriculum profiles) fostering higher (executive) education with focus on e-Leadership skills with reference to stakeholder needs, based on ICE trend assessments and the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) (e-Skills Guide)
2011-2013 DAAD, Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies (DIES) ASEAN QA - Quality Assurance Training External quality assurance training line: capacity building for agencies’ staff
2012-2013 University, Thüringen (Germany) Quality management system of the higher education institution Consulting on further development of the quality management system, supporting the procedure for system accreditation
2011-2012 University, Bavaria (Germany) Internal evaluation system for degree programmes Guidelines, criteria and processes for regular, internal evaluations of courses

Completed Externally Funded Projects

Period Client/ Programme Titel Description
2010-2014 EU - TEMPUS PICQA: Promoting Internationalization and Comparability of Quality Assurance in Higher Education Expert consulting and training as well as project management for the development and enhancement of accreditation systems for higher education in Armenia an Georgia (institutional and programme level) as well as in supporting HEI in internal quality management capacity building (PICQA)
2011-2014 EU - LLL ISEKI_Food-4: Towards the innovation of the food chain through the modernization of Food Studies Consulting for development of stakeholder-driven subject-based sectoral qualifications framework
2010-2013 EU - TEMPUS CUBRIK: Strengthening Quality Assurance Systems within Western Balkans HEIs in Support of National and Regional Planning Review of external quality assurance agency against ESG Training (capacity building) for HEIs and QAAs on implementing ESG-compatible systems (CUBRIK)
2010-2013 EU - TEMPUS LEMEL: Etablierung eines Blended-Learning basierten Bachelor-Studiengangs „Energiemanagement“ in Kasachstan und Turkmenistan Support in setting up quality management for newly developed programmes (Forschungsprojekte der FHM)
2004-2010 EU – Socrates
EUR-ACE Development & EUR-ACE Implementation & EUR-ACE Spread European Accreditation of Engineering Programmes - development and implementation of subject-based qualifications framework and quality label for engineering education (ENAEE Projects supported by the EU)
EU - LLL Euro-Inf Development & Euro-Inf Spread European Accreditation of Informatics Programmes - development and implementation of subject-based qualifications framework and quality label for informatics education (EQANIE Projects)