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Consultancy Services and Projects

Within our service area “Quality Development”, we offer consultancy services and participation in externally funded projects.

Consultancy for Quality and Organisational Development

Together with external experts, ASIIN’s main staff renders consultancy services

  • For organisation and quality development in educational institutions, for their degree programmes offered as well as for processes and requirements for good teaching and successful learning.
  • For strategy development in educational and research institutions.
  • For quality management in educational and research institutions.
  • For project management in educational and research institutions.
  • For design and implementation of internal and external quality assurance, including certification and accreditation systems in the field of education and research.
  • For the analysis of trends and challenges in the field of education and science and their effect on individual organisations, quality criteria as well as on certification and accreditation systems.

Our services are individually customised in each case: before the activities start, we clarify with the client the goal and purpose, the subject, participants, duration, type and scope of the support services that you can expect from us. Based on this, we will prepare a non-binding offer that will specifically cater to your needs. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiry!

The consultancy services are combined within ASIIN Consult GmbH.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

As a principle, ASIIN will not accept accreditations or certifications for subjects, for which it was actively involved as a content consultant during its development.

Externally Financed Projects

In light of our strategic goals, we use our own resources to participate in externally funded projects that contribute to the advancement of education and science and to solutions for organisations and systems. Both ASIIN units – ASIIN e.V. as well as ASIIN Consult GmbH – participate in these type of projects as one entity.

ASIIN is mainly project partner of EU, international organisations or individual, national leading bodies of funded consortia. Typically, we contribute:

  • Project design and proposal development
  • Project management and coordination of the consortia
  • Support evaluation and monitoring
  • Content building blocks such as coaching, training and workshops on our activities in accreditation, certification, evaluation and consultancy regarding higher education and lifelong learning (quality management, curriculum development, learning outcome oriented criteria and profile, design of quality assurance procedures in accreditation and certification, etc.)

ASIIN is an experienced project partner in the implementation of externally funded projects. We gladly discuss your project ideas and compare them to our competences to form new consortia and individual partnerships for implementing useful initiatives!