Board of Appeals

The ASIIN Board of Appeals has the task of evaluating complaints submitted by higher education institutions related to accreditation, certification or evaluation procedures, and to determine the consequences resulting from this.

The headoffice submits the complaint to the responsible commission at its next meeting. If the Commission considers the complaint to be well founded, it will remedy it. The complaints committee is informed annually of these complaints.

If the responsible commission does not remedy the complaint, the complaints committee decides on the complaint. To do this, the headoffice calls the complaints committee.

Members of the Board of Appeals

Members of the accreditation commission

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Prestin, Universität zu Lübeck

Member of the Certification Commission

Debora Greis, RWTH International Academy

Representative from a member organization of ASIIN who is not a member of another organ of the association

Dr.-Ing. Kira Stein

Representative from another domestic or foreign accreditation agency

Mr. Georg Reschauer, AHPGS

Student representatives

Jörn Tillmanns, Technical University of Darmstadt