ASIIN Global University Network of Excellence (AGUNE)

In the almost 25 years of its existence, ASIIN has built up a large international clientele. There is a long-standing cooperative relationship with many national and international universities in the establishment and development of internal university quality management. In order to further strengthen ASIIN's international activities, we are taking one step further by establishing an international university network within the framework of a continuous exchange. AGUNE is not just another network. It promises excellence and it’s a network with a difference because:

  • It is a world-wide network contributing towards the international presence and the global visibility of member institutions and their courses.
  • It is a network of ASIIN accredited institutions ensuring and promoting a shared understanding of quality and QA and therefore a high quality standard
  • It includes institutions with a very wide variety of educational course offerings like Food Processing Technology, Naval Architecture, Forestry, Environmental Sciences and Conservation, Crop Technology, Biotechnology and so on. Also, varied levels of courses from degree programmes to micro-credentials, varied learning formats like full-time, part-time, joint, dual etc. and varied didactical approaches like in person, digital and blended course offerings.
  • It is backed and facilitated by ASIIN with its benchmark of quality, global approach, wide range of experience, dedicated team, panel of experts and a treasure house of courses, trainings, workshops and conferences.
  • It will thrive within the well-built framework of ASIIN but at the same time the structure and functions of the network are quite open and flexible, and the members of the network are encouraged to shape as well as change them.

This is a special alliance with manifold benefits like:

  • Promoting cross-border educational exchange through Joint Degree Programs, Summer Schools, Study Abroad programs, and introducing diversity in elective offerings
  • Increasing international student enrolments and student mobility programs
  • Attracting high-calibre faculty through faculty exchange programs, for teaching, research, and professional development
  • Exploring joint research initiatives and establishment of research clusters, including inter-disciplinary areas and thus enhance research outputs
  • Aiding in the development of methods and policies in internal quality assurance and external accreditation
  • Securing partnerships with industries and global organisations
  • Hosting joint activities such as workshops, seminars, conferences, cultural exchange programs and language programs
  • Exchanging ideas on the latest challenges in HE, best practices in HE, cultural integration, sustainability, natural resources conservation and other issues that are significantly impacting the educational world today
  • Exchanging Skills pertaining to ICT, research, communication, leadership
  • Collaborating in terms of community services and working together on ideas and projects for the benefits of the larger community
  • Enhancing international reputation and global university rankings
  • Availing discounts in courses, trainings, workshops and conferences offered by ASIIN

There are many avenues for participating in this network. Members can advertise their offers and needs in terms of courses, scholarships, student exchange programs, guest lecturers, keynote speakers, course material, knowhow or equipment, conferences, seminars, workshops, and call for research paper presentations and publications. Members can participate in interactive sessions and panel discussions to discuss topics of immediate interest in HE and share ideas regarding QA. They can sign MOUs between member institutions regarding joint courses, student –exchange, study-abroad schemes, research collaboration, knowledge transfer and talent scholarships. They can also organise and participate in conferences, workshops, webinars and even virtual exhibitions showcasing students’capstone projects, staff initiatives and research outputs.

Membership Details

  • Invitation to apply for membership to all universities having been accredited by ASIIN or presently undergoing an accreditation procedure with ASIIN
  • Prerequisite: Having successfully passed or still undergoing an ASIIN accreditation procedure (full membership after positive decision)
  • Costs: annual fee of 2,000 €
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Dr Iring Wasser (; phone: +49211900-977-10)
Yangzemiao Song (; phone: +49211900-977-28)