ASIIN Global University Network of Excellence (AGUNE)

In the almost 25 years of its existence, ASIIN has built up a large international clientele. There is a long-standing cooperative relationship with many national and international universities in the establishment and development of internal university quality management. In order to further strengthen ASIIN's international activities, we are taking one step further by establishing an international university network within the framework of a continuous exchange (through annual meetings, joint conferences, individual discussion contacts etc.), which

  • contributes to a better mutual understanding of national and international educational policy discussions and decisions in higher education and in the field of academic quality assurance;
  • opens up ways to take appropriate account of international developments in the field of quality assurance in the tertiary (and quaternary) education sector in the development of criteria and the implementation of procedures;
  • acts as multipliers of ASIIN's understanding of quality in the respective countries where higher education institutions are located; and
  • provides international experts for ASIIN's review panels and committees in line with the ESG.

An international network of universities sharing a common understanding of quality and fundamental values guiding quality assurance

Become a Member


  • Invitation to apply for membership to all universities having been accredited by ASIIN or presently undergoing an accreditation procedure with ASIIN
  • Prerequisite: Having successfully passed or still undergoing an ASIIN accreditation procedure (full membership after positive decision)
  • Costs: annual fee of 2,000 €

Major benefits of membership

  • Direct access to ASIIN quality assurance and quality management experts and equal-minded universities with shared interests, not limited to QA topics
  • Internationally visible platform that can easily be used for student/teacher exchange, recruitment purposes, teaching and research cooperation with other network universities
  • Being up-to-date regarding current developments in QA and related topics
  • Exchange of best practices in building and developing internal QA systems and quality management schemes
  • Broadening the QA expertise in each network university and thus enhancement of the respective QA culture
  • Inbuilt preparation for upcoming (national or international) external QA procedures
  • Discounts for annual conferences with high calibre agenda, workshops and trainings. The upcoming conferences are:
Become a Member


Dr Iring Wasser (; phone: +49211900-977-10)
Dr Sushmita Kundu (; phone: +49211900-977-28)