Thematic Analysis

As an accreditation agency, ASIIN pursues the objective of securing and strengthening the quality of academic education both nationally and internationally. To resume responsibility for its ways of operating, ASIIN has established a comprehensive system of (internal) quality management procedures over the course of the last decades that serve to critically reflect upon its own practices: ASIIN’s internal Quality Management Handbook and policy papers, ASIIN’s highly participatory culture of engagements with its stakeholders, and regular national and international conferences.

Additionally, ASIIN constantly evaluates and analyses its accreditation procedures (in particular in the course of the decision-making processes of the Technical Committees and the Accreditation Commissions) and publishes relevant findings in a series of impact studies. Thereby, ASIIN complies with the request of the European Standards and Guidelines, to conduct and publish thematic analysis of its way of operating. These thematic analyses serve to evaluate the overall impact of ASIIN’s accreditation procedures, to further critical reflections and discussions, and to contribute to the improvement of quality management in a national and international context.

In the following, you will find a list of distinct studies, reports and presentations, which will be updated continuously.

For external reviews of ASIIN’s impact, feel free to visit the 2018 study of the German Accreditation Council.