Quality Comprehension and Quality Management System

To reach our strategic goals, we have documented quality comprehension, principles, activity areas, quality expectations and quality management instruments for our work in a policy paper (QM Handbook).

The internal quality work at ASIIN follows the logical principles of the TQM approach – Total Quality Management.

In accordance, the cyclical insight should be integrated in the daily proceedings as well as in organisational and product development projects.

The instruments of quality work should be readily available for each staff member for their respective tasks and functions.

Principles and Activity Areas of our Quality Work

The principles of objectivity, validity, trustworthiness and transparency are leading in all of the products and service areas of the association and Consult GmbH.

The quality expectations that are derived from these refer especially to:

  • The quality of the auditor and expert pools that we work with
  • The quality of criteria and procedural principles that we apply
  • The quality of applying these criteria and procedural principles. This includes efficiency and effectiveness during procedures.
  • The recognition of achieved results by third parties.

Policy Papers

In addition to the Quality Management Handbook, policies that guide the work of honorary and full-time ASIIN staff members are documented in the so-called “Policy Papers” that are part of the quality management system.

Currently, the following Papers are available: