ASIIN’s Network

We pursue our European and international network with the following approaches:

  • International offer of quality seals in accreditation and certification
  • International offer of evaluations, consultancy and project participation
  • Admission as accreditation agency in various national systems
  • Membership of the leading European or international umbrella organisations for quality work in higher education with a subject-specific or systematic perspective
  • Cooperation for connecting national higher education areas and for mutual recognition of quality standards and accreditation decisions
  • Projects for the development of subject-related, pan-European coordinated requirements for programme accreditation of individual subject cultures. These projects result in sustainable structures and jointly supported quality seals, such as the labels EUR-ACE®, Eurobachelor® / Euromaster® as well as Euro-Inf®.
  • Projects for the development of compatible internal and external quality assurance systems in higher education.

On the next pages you will find an overview of ASIIN’s memberships and admissions, as well as its cooperation partners.