The ASIIN Honorary Membership

All services of ASIIN are non-profit and are therefore organised in a cost-neutral manner.

Around 200 experts from science and industry hold labour-intensive and years of honorary memberships in expert and decision-making panels for accreditation and certification for ASIIN.

In addition, around 1600 auditors from science and industry work on occasion for accreditation and certification procedures. They are often working for days on end, reviewing files and doing site-visits – all in their capacity as honorary members.

Despite work pressure in their main occupations, these are professors, students and professionals from companies and public organisations that carry out their tasks in accreditation and certification passionately and convincingly.

Without this commitment, external quality assurance in higher education would be neither affordable nor could it be sustained with appropriate professional expertise.

The main staff members of ASIIN support the honorary work in expert panels and during audits.

The board, the founding members and the ASIIN office would like to extend their gratitude towards all honorary experts!