Intercultural Competence

Goals of the workshop:

  • Create empathy and understanding for the cultural imprint of each other.
  • Develop cross-cultural skills (keen perception, changing perspective, suspending judgment) to manage the cross-cultural collaboration in team work.
  • Increase cultural awareness (knowledge of one’s own culture, foreign culture and of cultural differences).
  • Develop intercultural communication skills as a necessity for working in a global business environment.


  • Develop awareness through games and role plays, which make the participant sensible to cultural self awareness and cultural differences.
  • Develop skills by applying knowledge to critical incidents (short stories, short written texts and videos).
  • Group work on cultural values.
  • Reflection on acquired knowledge and transfer into the business praxis global business (e.g. team situations).


  • Culture / Intercultural Awareness
  • Cultural Differences
  • Iceberg Model / Norms / Rules / Values
  • Cultural Standards
  • Selected literature, articles, critical incidents