ASIIN Global Conference 2022

Reinventing Higher Education Quality Assurance for our time - no stone left unturned

This is the official website for the ASIIN Global Conference 2022 which will take place on 18 – 19 October 2022 in Malta.


18 – 19 October 2022

Tuesday, 18 October: 09.00 – 17.00
Wednesday, 19 October: 09.00 – 13.20


University of Malta (Valletta Campus)
Aula Magna
St Paul Street, Valletta VLT 1216, Malta
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  • Representatives of the national and international Higher Education community
  • Quality management staff of HEIs
  • Representatives of international Quality Assurance Agencies
  • Representatives of Recognition Authorities
  • Representatives of the international business world and employers’ associations
  • Political stakeholders and
  • Representatives of the media


Dear Colleagues,

the framework conditions for international (higher education) politics are changing at a breath-taking pace. But are we as Quality Assurance Bodies, Policy Makers, HEIs, Recognition Authorities optimally prepared to capitalize on these new challenges and opportunities?

On the most fundamental political level, Europe and its international partners are like never before confronted with armed conflicts and unpredictable political developments putting European unity, its core values of democracy, territorial integrity, the rule of law and the pursuit of unbiased science in jeopardy. Higher Education and QA bodies, being core pillars in promoting these ideals and values, have no choice but to position themselves in this new world of conflict and disarray. But what are appropriate lines of actions to take and guardrails to operate within?

On the level of educational policies, European Policy makers are presenting revolutionary ideas to provide synergies for cooperation and European integration countering national attempts to reset the clock. The development of a new type of “European joint degrees”, heavy investments in virtual cross-border European Universities, the introduction of a new European Student Card and the proposition of a European Qualification Framework for Microcredentials are on the very top of the political agenda. They are adding to the multitude of existing instruments for international integration in place for decades. But with so many auxiliary resources in place, why is so difficult to deliver on the promises of the EHEA?

On the level of institutional policies, European/international Quality Assurance bodies and higher education institutions alike are under pressure to deal with the ongoing silent revolution in educational demand and supply. The massive expansion in the type and number of educational providers and the customizing of educational pathways challenge traditional ways to do business. How then can QA bodies and HEIs respond appropriately to offer in time, tailor-made educational opportunities in individual learning accounts?

On the individual level, we are all called upon to provide the best educational services possible while at the same time working to promote educational and professional mobility opportunities for students. In spite of the Lisbon and the new UNESCO global recognition convention, the creation of the DEQAR database etc., many unnecessary obstacles remain in place. How can HEIS, QAA bodies and the ERIC-NARICS find urgently needed new modes of cooperation to fulfil our common promises?

These are the questions, which ASIINs and its partners are going to discuss in the framework of our global conference 2022 at the University of Malta. As always, participants can expect a state of the art program, featuring exceptional speakers and a presentation and discussion mode, striving to move forward and finding new departures and solutions to the problems at hand. Come and join us for this unique opportunity on the beautiful island of Malta!


The agenda will include presentations, plenary sessions and forum discussions that will stimulate in-depth discussion between the participants.

Please find the programme here:

Some of our Speakers

At this year’s conference, international expert speakers representing higher education institutions, quality assurance bodies, political and educational organizations will discuss from different perspectives the new challenges and opportunities for the framework conditions for international higher education politics.

Gerda Burneikaitė
PPMI, Lithuania

Horia Onița
Vice-President ESU

Dr. Nataša Brouwer
University of Amsterdam

Professor Oliver Günther
Vice-President German Rectors Conference

Dr. Rose Anne Cuschieri

Dr. Deborah Adair
President of INQAAHE

Ana Tecilazić
Member of EURASHE

Maria Kelo
Director of Institutional Development at EUA

Sjur Bergan

Council of Europe

Anna Gover
Director of ENQA

Beate Treml
Vice-Chair of the EQAR Register committee

Prof. Wouter Duyck
Vice-Chair NVAO

Stamenka Uvalić-Trumbić
Former UNESCO head of higher education



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Dr. Iring Wasser
Managing Director ASIIN
+49 211 900977-0

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